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Libraries by subject

Architecture, Landscape, and Design (Eberhard Zeidler Library)

Architecture Library

The Daniels library is designed by NADAAA, a Boston-based architecture and urban design firm led by principal designer Nader Tehrani,

Baycrest Health Information Centre

Bindery, Central Libraries

Books & Serials Acquisitions

Business (Milt Harris Library, Rotman School of Management)

study space at Rotman

Its mission is to support the research, curriculum development, and educational activities of Rotman students, staff and faculty.

Centre for Criminology Library

Criminology Building

With over 30,000 items, this library has the largest criminology collection in Canada.

Chemistry Library (A D Allen)

Photo of Chemistry Library (A D Allen)

This library serves the research and information needs of the faculty and graduate students in the Department of Chemistry.

Dentistry Library (Harry R Abbott)

Photo of Dentistry Library

The largest academic dental and oral health collection in Canada.

Department of Art Library

Photo of the Department of Art Library

Consists of monographs, exhibition, dealer and permanent holdings catalogues from Europe and North America.

Digital Library Unit (ITS)

Digital Preservation Unit (ITS)

Digital Scholarship Unit (ITS)

Earth Sciences Library (Noranda)

Photo of Earth Sciences Library (Noranda)

This collection focuses on botany, forestry, and geology.

East Asian Library (Cheng Yu Tung)

Photo of East Asian Library (Cheng Yu Tung)

One of the biggest resource centers for East Asian studies in North America. The collection includes rare and archival materials.

Engineering & Computer Science Library

Photo of Engineering & Computer Science Library

An extensive collection and a wide range of research services supporting engineering and computer science students and faculty.

Enterprise Infrastructure and Staff Technology Unit (ITS)

First Nations House Library

First Nations House Library

Books, information, and media pertaining to Aboriginal and Native topics.

Gail Brooker Ceramic Research Library at the Gardiner Museum

Photo of Gail Brooker Ceramic Research Library at the Gardiner Museum

Reflecting the holdings of the Gardiner Museum, this collection covers the decorative arts of Western European ceramic objects.

Gerstein Science Information Centre

Photo of Gerstein Science Information Centre

The largest science and health science academic library in Canada.

Health Science Information Consortium of Toronto


This Consortium is a collaboration of libraries and information centres in teaching, community hospitals, and public health units.

Industrial Relations and Human Resources Library (Newman)

Photo of Industrial Relations and Human Resources Library (Newman)

This library supports the needs of faculty, MIRHR and PhD students, and Woodsworth College students in the Employment Relations Program.

Innis College Library

Our collection supports the Cinema Studies Institute, the Writing & Rhetoric Program, the Innis One Program and the Urban Studies Program.

Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (ICCIT)

Institute for Christian Studies

Institute for Christian Studies - Knox College photo

Knox College Library (Caven)

Photo of Knox College Library (Caven)

This collection focuses on theological history, Presbyterianism, and materials relating to women and the Church.

Law Library (Bora Laskin)

Photo of Law library

The Law Library includes 230,000 volumes of law and law-related materials.

Map and Data Library

Photo of Map and Data Library

This library supports geographical and statistical research with extensive collections of data files, maps, and related materials.

Massey College Library (Robertson Davies)

Photo of Massey College Library

This research collection focuses on the history of the book, with a particular strength in nineteenth century book design and printing.

Mathematical Sciences Library

Photo of Mathematical Sciences Library

The Mathematical Sciences Library supports University of Toronto students in mathematics programs at all levels.

Media Commons Archives

A view of the Media Commons Archive theatre

Michael Garron Hospital

Michael Garron Hospital photo

Music Library

Music Library

The Music Library features articles, scores, encyclopedias, dissertations, and streaming media related to the study of music.

New College Library (Ivey)

Photo of New College Library

This collection reflects the College’s programs in Women’s Studies, Caribbean Studies, and African Studies.

OISE Library

Photo of OISE Library (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education)

The OISE Library is the largest education library in Canada.

Petro Jacyk Central & East European Resource Centre

Photo of Petro Jacyk Central & East European Resource Centre

THE PJRC supports departments and research chairs in Eastern European Studies.

Physics Library

Photo of Physics Library

This library’s collection covers physics, meteorology, and geophysics.

Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies Library

Photo of Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies Library

The Pontifical Institute Library is home to a major medieval studies collection of over 150,000 volumes.

Regis College Library

Photo of Regis Library

The Regis College Library collection focuses on theology and theology-related material.

Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library

Photo of Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library

Robarts Library

Robarts Library

The John P. Robarts Research Library contains the largest single collection of the University of Toronto Libraries.

Royal Ontario Museum Library & Archives

Photo of Royal Ontario Museum Libraries

The mandate of the ROM Library & Archives is to support the collections and research of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The ROM Library & Ar

Sinai Health System Library

Sinai Hospital photo

St Augustine's Seminary Library

Photo of St Augustine's Seminary Library

This library supports all academic programs offered by St. Augustine's Seminary.

St. Michael’s College - John M. Kelly Library

Photos of St. Michael’s College - John M. Kelly Library

The John M. Kelly Library is the largest federated college library at the University of Toronto.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Sunnybrook Hospital photo

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Photo of the interior of Fisher Library

Houses the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, including books, manuscripts, and other materials.

Trinity College Library (John W Graham Library)

exterior of graham library

The Trinity College Library’s collection emphasizes undergraduate humanities, international relations, and Anglican theology.

U of T Scarborough Library

The UTSC Library is designed to support faculty and students at the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus.

United Church of Canada Archives

Photo of United Church of Canada Archives

These archives include records created by the United Church, antecedent denominations, and related individuals and organizations.

University College Library

Photo of the University College library featuring spiral staircase, stained glass window, bookstacks, and large tba

UC Library has about 35,000 items in the humanities and social sciences, including many books related to the college's academic programs.

UofT Archives & Records Management Services (UTARMS)

Photo of U of T Archives & Records Management Services (UTARMS)

UTARMS contains corporate records of U of T and non-corporate records of faculty and organizations associated with the university.

UofT Mississauga Library

UTM Library credit – Ben Rahn, A-Frame Incorporated

The UTM Library collection, totaling approximately 400,000 volumes, supports the research needs of UTM students, faculty and community.

UofT Schools Library Information Centre (UTS)

Photo of exterior of the entrance to the University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

UTL at Downsview

downsview interior

UTL at Downsview is the libraries’ high-density storage and preservation facility. It has been in operation since 2005.

Victoria University - Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies

Photo of Victoria University - Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

The CRRS’s holdings cover the period 1350 to 1650 in European civilization.

Victoria University - E J Pratt Library

interior of EJ Pratt Library

With over 250,000 catalogued volumes, this collection emphasizes items related to humanities and social sciences.

Victoria University - Emmanuel College Library

Photo of Victoria University - Emmanuel College Library

The Emmanuel College Library’s collection focuses on theology and religion.

West Park Healthcare Centre

Westbrook photo