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LinkedIn Learning Licence Ending


LinkedIn Learning for student users will be ending as of September 21, 2020 due to discontinuation of the program by the provincial government. Unfortunately, all access to the LinkedIn course content via student UTorID will no longer be available after that date. There are two options to retain your learning history records.

  1. To download your learning history, go the “my learning” tab at the top of your account and then select “learning history.” Beside each course there is a “more” button dropdown to download your certificates or add to your LinkedIn profile.
  2. If you have an activated LinkedIn profile connected to your learning account, your learning history will remain on record and will become available again if you receive access to a new LinkedIn Learning account in the future. Go to the “Me” tab and select “Settings“ to connect your learning records to your LinkedIn profile.

To ensure ongoing support to students in their co-curricular and professional skills development, the university is pleased to offer Coursera for University of Toronto as an alternative.

Staff and Faculty

Faculty and staff access to LinkedIn Learning will be continued under University of Toronto license arrangements.

Please contact for more information regarding LinkedIn Learning or Coursera.