Micromedex Healthcare Series

On Campus Access Only

Connect to Micromedex Healthcare Series

Micromedex is available to students, staff and faculty on campus only. The Academic Licensing Agreement states this database is for the purpose of training students and demonstration only. The UofT’s online subscription does not allow for it to be used while on clinical rotations, practicing, or teaching at a hospital, retail pharmacy, or any other patient care facility.

Students, staff and faculty can download 3 different mobile apps:

  1. Micromedex® Drug Information – free to everyone, no password required.
  2. Micromedex® Drug Interactions – free to U of T people, password required.
  3. Micromedex® IV Compatibility – free to U of T people, password required.

NOTE: The password changes quarterly and must be updated so if you are not on campus to be able to access the Micromedex webpage, you will lose mobile access. To find more information: