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Scifinder Scholar's coverage begins from 1907 onwards

There are unique requirements for connecting, please read the following information.

Access procedure to the web version (before you connnect):

  • You must register individually from a computer on campus with a valid U of T IP address via the Scifinder Scholar registration page
  • You will also need an email address within the "" domain in order to complete the registration and to also access the email from a computer on campus or via VPN
  • Training information and demonstrations are also available on/from the registration page

link to registration page

Once you are registered:

  • You can log on from any computer from the Scifinder Scholar login page
  • If you are off campus, you will be asked to enter your barcode and pin or your UTORid and password to authenticate yourself

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For help using this resource or on any of this information, please contact the Chemistry Librarian:
Patricia Meindl (416) 978-3587