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Quicklaw has a unique login procedure and listed below.
A vast array of legal information in English and French, including journals, court and tribunal cases, legislation, commentary, forms, and international cases. Quicklaw covers every jurisdiction in Canada, and many foreign jurisdictions including the United Kingdom, other Commonwealth countries, and the United States. Users can search for information via jurisdiction or area of law.

  • Quicklaw contains laws from many countries, including Halsbury's Laws of Canada, Halsbury's Laws of England, and JurisClasseur France.
  • Court cases, tribunal cases, and legislation can be used as primary sources.
  • Quicklaw also offers QuickCITE case citator, and point-in-time statutes searching. It is published by LexisNexis.


  • Click either the link from "Quicklaw" or "Connect to Quicklaw" above
  • Go to the drop down menu "Product Sign-in" on the upper right of the screen
  • From the pull down menu go to the "Quicklaw" link
  • You will now see a sign in to LexisNexis Quicklaw page
  • You don't have to sign with any personal information
  • Under New User click on the link "Register Later"
  • Click the "Accept" link anbd the Quicklaw search screen will appear