Robarts technology lending

The Robarts Library 1st floor Loans Desk offers technology for short-term loan. Borrowed technology may leave the library, but late fees are $0.50 per hour. 

See also: Technology loans for information about other libraries that loan devices and/or accessories.

Mobile device chargers

  • Multiport USB cables with lightning, USB-C and micro-USB connectivity
  • Wall adapters

Laptop power cables

  • MacBook USB-C and MagSafe 2 power adapters
  • Universal AC Adapter laptop chargers

Audio/video equipment

  • Headphones with mics
  • DVD/Blu-ray disc drives

Other accessories

  • USB-C to HDMI adapters
  • USB computer mice
  • USB drives
  • Calculators

The Media Commons video game and board game collections will no longer be held at Media Commons at Robarts Library. They are currently being distributed to other libraries on campus. More information to come. 

Updated April 23, 2024