SciFinder-n (Chemical Abstracts)

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SciFinder-n, produced by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), is the most comprehensive source for searching the chemical literature. Search by topic, author, substance name or CAS Registry Number, or use the editor to draw chemical structures, substructures, or reactions.

First-time users must register for a SciFinder-n account before accessing. Please read all instructions below.

Before you connect to SciFinder-n:

  • Register for a Sci-Finder-n account from a computer on campus using your University of Toronto email address ( or
  • All registrations must be completed using a computer on campus with a valid U of T IP address or by using using UTORvpn off-campus.
  • Users who previously had access to SciFinder at another institution or organization must register for a new account with their U of T credentials.

Link to registration page

Authorized users: Access to SciFinder-n is available for current University of Toronto students, faculty, and staff only. On-site access is not available for external users, including Alumni Borrowers and Research Readers. Commercial use is prohibited.

Once you are registered:

  • You can log in from any computer from the Scifinder-n login page
  • If you are off campus, you will be asked to enter 1) UTORid and password, then 2) your SciFinder-n account information.

Link to SciFinder-n login page

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Experiencing access issues or have questions about using the database? Please contact Madeline Gerbig, Chemistry Librarian at