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Our services and facilities

 Contact us to request any of the following services once you've registered with U of T's Accessibility Services.  

Alternate formats

We can have textual items in the library's collection converted to one of the following formats:

  • E-text
    • PDF, black and white or colour
    • Text-based DAISY
    • Plain text
    • epub
  • Digital audio through AERO
  • Braille through AERO
  • Large print

We will caption videos in the libraries' collections, which instructors have booked for class presentations or which are  requested by students for their research. For captioning of videos not held in the libraries' collections, instructors may wish to consult the Report on Accessible Media  for information about captioning services.

If the library's collections do not include the item you need, you can provide us with your own copy or we try to obtain print copies from other sources. 

Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE)

ACE (Accessible Content E-portal) supports all Ontario University libraries and provides unmediated access to a repository of library holdings in alternate formats. Once you register with the library's services, we provide you with a login token to access this repository. 

For more information about the ACE repository, including tutorials on how to use it, consult the Scholars Portal guide or watch these ACE tutorial videos: Getting Started and Navigating and Searching.

Laptops, word processors, and playback machines

We loan laptops, word processors, and CD playback machines from our office in Robarts Library. Loan periods are 24 hours during weekdays. Friday loans are due on Monday. 

Laptops are equipped with Kurzweil 3000, DragonNet and Microsoft Office software.

To request equipment, visit our officeemail us, or call 416-978-1957 with the following information: 

  • Your name
  • Your student number
  • The equipment type you need
  • Date and time of pick-up

Bring your TCard when you pick up the equipment. You will need to fill out a statement of fiscal responsibility to cover full replacement costs in the event of loss or serious damage to the equipment.

Text to speech technology

Text to speech technology Kurtsweil 3000 is available at all computer workstations at Robarts Library to students who have registered with Accessibility Services.

Retrieval of library items

We can retrieve books and other library items from our collection for you.  Some libraries have scheduled times for retrieving items from the book stacks.

Pick up your retrieved items at the Loan/Circulation Services desk of the library that the book belongs to, or ask the library to send it to the Loan Services desk in Robarts Library.


Renew your books online, in person, or by telephone. Normally, students are allowed to renew books three times, but additional renewals may be granted under special circumstances provided that no one else has requested the book. Ask about additional renewals by email or call Robarts Library at 416-978-1957.

Longer loans

If you have a visual impairment or specific learning disability, you may be able to borrow books for longer if you arrange it ahead of time with staff at the library that owns the book. Items can still be recalled by other library users.

Course reserves

Most U of T libraries have special collections of items that can be borrowed only for short periods called "short term loan" or "course reserves".  These items are usually course readings and textbooks that are in great demand by large numbers of students.

Contact the individual library to make arrangements to borrow these items for longer if you need more time with the item. 

Library tours, workshops, and brochures

We encourage all new students with disabilities to attend a library tour or a library workshop.  Sessions are offered throughout the year. If you require a sign interpreter, please let the library know in advance.

U of T Libraries produce many brochures providing information about our services and facilities. We can convert these brochures to a compact disc, large print, or Braille. 

Self-serve photocopying and scanning

Library photocopiers are self-serve and accept TCards or guest cards. If you experience difficulty using a photocopier, ask staff members at any U of T library to make a limited number of copies for you.

Some photocopiers can also scan. We also have standalone scanners in many libraries. Scanning is free.

Transportation services and facilities

Most U of T libraries are wheelchair accessible. The U of T map shows you all accessible entrances on all three campuses.

For more information, visit TTC Wheel-Trans or U of T Parking and Transportation Services.