Connect to UpToDate

For current U of T students only

UpToDate is available for University of Toronto students only.

UpToDate also allows you to create a user account directly with them, after you have logged in as above. If you do so, please note that UpToDate reserves the right to use your personal information and your usage of the UpToDate web site without limitation, for purposes that may include, but are not limited to, advertising, promotion and market research.

If you have trouble accessing UpToDate:

  • Try an alternate browser.
  • Email ask.gerstein@utoronto.ca with your name and barcode (217610..) so that we can assist you.

Mobile Access (instructions to use app):

Step 1): Go to UpToDate and click on My Account and then on Login/Register Now. Fill in the form and create your own user name and password. You will then be sent an email message with additional registration information.

Step 2): Download the UpToDate App for your device.

Step 3): Sign into the app with the username and password you created on the UpToDate website.

Note: In order to retain remote access to UpToDate, the platform requires that you validate your affiliation with the University of Toronto. Simply connect to UpToDate every 90 days using the 'Connect to UpToDate' link above.

Available for: Android iOS