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Digital Collections & Exhibits

Collections U of T

Collections U of T supports the creation and management University of Toronto Libraries (UTL) digital collections, including indexing metadata to enable search and discovery of items and collections; co-presentation of metadata and the digital object(s); and browsing functionality that enables users to discover collections and items organically. Collections U of T makes use of the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) to enable the delivery of digital collections through a range of discovery and display access points. Collections U of T represents just a portion of the digital collections that are part of University of Toronto’s vast academic resources, special collections, and research output. Browse the collections currently available in Collections U of T below.

Collections U of T is supported by Information Technology Services (ITS). For more information, contact:

Exhibits U of T

Exhibits U of T allows U of T researchers to easily showcase their research by creating context-rich exhibits and web pages. Based on Omeka, Exhibits U of T is easy to use and open to all faculty members, post-docs, and students working on faculty-led projects. To see if Exhibits U of T is right for your project, visit our Getting Started page. For a list of current Exhibits visit:

Starting a Digital Project

There are numerous helpful guides for technology selection, project management, and tools and techniques. Alan Liu's excellent curated list of tools at the DH Toychest (available here) and The Programming Historian's tutorials (available here) are standouts. 

We offer consultations to those interested in starting a digital project, including advice on tool and technology selection and templates for metadata creation. Please contact us if you'd like to schedule a consultation.