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Welcome to UTL at Downsview

Photo of UTL @ Downsview

UTL at Downsview is the libraries high-density storage and preservation facility, in operation since 2005.  Low-use materials from all UofT libraries are transferred, weekly, and access to the entire collections is provided by an online request services, supported by a daily courier.

The design of the facility and its operational program is based on facilities already in place at institutions such as Harvard, Yale and Ohio State Universities as well as several other universities with large research libraries, located in similar climates.

Services provided

  • 24 hour request turn around for material loaned to UofT Community with delivery to 6 pick up libraries

  • Access to archival materials from UTARMS and Media Commons available upon request through staff in those centres.

Contact information

Phone: (416) 667-7733

Fax: (416) 667-7738


*This library does not have any public hours. Please contact for more details.