Interlibrary loan lending charges - Effective July 1, 2016

Regular Service

Institutions/Patrons Books/Microforms Loaned Copies Supplied

OCUL Libraries, OCUL affiliated libraries


$5.00 per article

BIC (CREPUQ) libraries


$15.00 per article

COPPUL libraries


$15.00 per article

CAUL libraries


$15.00 per article

Library & Archives Canada



Other Canadian non-profit organizations

$20.00 per title

$20.00 per article

Other Canadian for-profit organizations

$35.00 per title

$35.00 per article

SHARES Libraries

$10.00 USD

$10.00 USD

SHARES International

$30.00 USD

$10.00 USD

U.S. Libraries

$35.00 USD per title

$35.00 USD per article

International libraries

$35.00 USD per article or 3 IFLA Coupons

$35.00 USD per article or 3 IFLA Coupons

Associate Members

$10.00 per title

$10.00 per title

Associate Members

$20.00 per title

$20.00 per title

Special services

Special orders: Estimates for the purchase of paper or microform copies of entire works supplied on request. Standard charge for each unit of 1-50 pages supplied.

Urgent requests

A surcharge of $15 will be applied for all urgent requests; $10 for Associate Members.

Requests received before noon will be processed the same day, Monday – Friday.

Requests received after noon will be filled the next day, Monday – Friday.

  • Gerstein: fax form to 416-978-7666
  • OISE: fax 416-926-4773 or call 416-978-1891
  • Robarts: fax 416-978-1608
  • UTM: fax 905-569-4320 or call 905-828-3881
  • UTSC: fax 416-208-2660 or call 416-208-5146

Delivery options

  • ARIEL / ODYSSEY / Article Exchange
  • Courier: please arrange for your own courier pick-up
  • Fax: for urgent service only
  • Mail: (a surcharge of $5 will be applied for Associate Members)

Payment options

  • monthly invoice
  • IFLA coupons
  • MasterCard
  • VISA

Participating University of Toronto libraries

Services described in this Price List above are available from the interlibrary loan offices in the following libraries: Dentistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering & Computer Science, Gerstein, Mathematics, OISERobarts, UTM, and UTSC.  

Other University of Toronto Libraries
For information about interlibrary loan services and charges offered in other University of Toronto libraries, please contact them directly.