How do I reserve a table on the second floor of Robarts for my club?

Email John Corbin with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your university recognized and affiliated group's name
  • The date you would like to reserve the table
  • The purpose of the reservation
  • Confirmation that you have read and will abide by the guidelines below

Guidelines for reserving the second floor tables

  1. Only recognized and affiliated groups from the University can book one of the two tables on the Porticos of Robarts Library.
  2. The group will abide by the Library’s Code of Conduct (please pick up a print copy when you first arrive).
  3. Selling or distributing food is not permitted.
  4. Banners or the like can be attached on the table only and not on any wall or columns.
  5. Come equipped with your own office supplies (e.g., tape, scissors, staplers, etc)
  6.  General safety rules and fire regulations have to be observed
    1. Keep the patron traffic unimpeded
    2. Keep doors and pathways clear of obstruction
  7. Keep the noise down so as not to be disruptive
  8. Students staffing the booked tables are not permitted to approach or disrupt library users in the area. 
  9. Reservation options:        
    1. Booking no more than three days at any time
    2. Booking times are within each month

The library reserves the right to cancel reservations if the above conditions are not met and for safety reasons and / or fire code violations.

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