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Canada Post Procedures

Mail that is intended to go through Canada Post is picked up during our regular mail delivery and pick-up route, or can be dropped off in the Mail Room, located on the first floor. If you follow the procedures below, you will be able to ensure that your mail is delivered properly.

Please sort your mail into one of four groups and group them together with an elastic band:

  • City of Toronto (not the G.T.A)
  • Canada (anywhere in Canada that is not the City of Toronto)
  • United States of America
  • International

Please group your envelopes together using an elastic band.

All outgoing mail must have a return address. The address should include:

  • Your Name
  • Department Name
  • Room Number and/or Floor
  • Street Address
  • City and Postal Code

We will meter (add the 'stamp') and seal your envelopes for you, so please ensure that your mail does not include empty envelopes. Please do not use staples to seal your envelopes.

If you are sending a package outside of Canada, please note the following:

  • Please include the value of the item that you are sending in a note on the package. This information is required to complete the customs clearing documents.
  • Please do not seal the package, as we need to be able to view the items to complete the customs clearing documents.
  • Please take note of the following weight restrictions for packages. If the package exceeds the weight limit, we will ask you to repack.

40 lbs. is the suggested weight limit for most standard courier services.

If you are sending a package to an international address, please ensure that you are sending it to the 'Shipping Address'. This is especially true for universities and colleges. This will help your package to arrive at its destination.