Elsevier (Hybrid Journals)

Elsevier (Hybrid Journals)

  • It is always preferable that you submit your manuscript using your @utoronto / @mail.utoronto email address or by selecting the University of Toronto as your primary affiliation. Not doing so may preclude you from the deal or delay the publication process.
  • Once an invoice is paid, most publishers are unable to offer refunds. Please ensure applicable discounts have been applied before paying.
  • A corresponding author is generally understood to be the individual who takes primary responsibility for communication with the journal during the submission, peer review and publication process.

As of January 1, 2024, corresponding University Toronto authors are eligible for open access publishing with no article processing charges (APC) in Elsevier hybrid journals through the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN).

Articles accepted for publication in Elsevier’s gold journals are not eligible under this agreement. However,  authors will receive a discount on APCs for articles accepted articles in these journals.

Visit the Elsevier Gold Journals discount page for more information. 

APC Discount Type Fully Funded
What journals are eligible?

This deal applies to select Elsevier hybrid journals. Confirm that the journal you would like to publish in is eligible for this discount by referring to the CRKN-Elsevier eligible hybrid title list. This will download an Excel Spreadsheet for your reference. 

EXCLUDED Titles: Cell Press, Lancet, and other society owned journals

Who is covered? Corresponding authors affiliated with U of T, including students, and teaching/research staff employed by the University.
How do I apply this deal?

Authors will be notified of their eligibility upon acceptance of their article in an eligible journal and their declaration of their affiliation with the University of Toronto. 

Authors will select their affiliation with the University of Toronto through an autocomplete list populated by Ringgold IDs and will be able to select either CC-BY or CC-BYNC-ND licenses, with a default selection of CC-BY.

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Mar 21, 2024