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Incorporate library resources in your Quercus course

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Enhance student learning by linking to high quality research materials, right inside your Quercus course. 


Customize your feed

Discipline-specific library resources automatically appear in your Quercus course. Your liaison librarian can customize this page for you and support your course in many other ways.

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The Library Course Reserves integration manages your course reserves material. This tool creates a single list of all the course materials you have requested for your class through the Library’s Course Reserves and Syllabus Service.  

The Library Resources integration allows discipline-specific library resources (also known as research guides, or libguides) to automatically appear in your Quercus course. It also provides students with quick access to commonly used library links, including the library’s article and catalogue search. 

In Quercus, the Library Resources integration will link to either: 

  1. A course research guide, provided one exists and has been linked to Quercus (search for current public course guides under ‘Guides by Course Code’


  1. generic research guide that is not subject-specific but includes quick links to library resources such as a catalogue/article search box, quick links, and library help. 

Request a customized course research guide by contacting your liaison librarian: 

Enable Library Course Reserves Integration in Quercus

If you are using this service, you should add the Library Course Reserves Navigation Link so that it appears in your Course Navigation menu. The Navigation Link can be found and added to your course in Settings > Navigation. See the detailed instructions

I'm an instructor and would like support with my course readings: 

You can submit readings lists to the course readings and support services at St. GeorgeUTM or UTSC.

Sharing links to readings in the Library Course Reserves application:

  1. Access Course Reserves.

  2. Login to Course Reserves with your UTORid and select the course you want to view. 

  3. Select 'switch to student mode'  

  4. Copy and paste the link you see in your browser window.  This is a direct link to your course that you may circulate to students in any way you like: print syllabus, email, posting to a Learning Management Environment (i.e. Quercus or Pepper), etc. The link will work only for enrolled students and for a particular instance of a course.

Uploading material to Quercus on your own?

Review these copyright resources for guidance. Upon request, the library will email you the PDF files of scanned journal articles or book chapters for you to post in Quercus or a similar password-protected course management system.

Students and instructors can also access readings by:

  1. Logging into Course Reserves

  2. Selecting the class they are interested in to launch the course reading list.

Questions about Library Course Reserves?

Contact or the course readings and support services atUTM or UTSC

Enable Library Resources Integration in Quercus

The Library Resources integration can be enabled for a course in Quercus by following these steps: 

  1. In your course menu, click Settings (at the bottom) 

  2. Click on the Navigation tab 

  3. Click on and drag Library Resources up from the list of hidden navigation items to the list of visible navigation items in the top half of this list. Place it where you would like it to appear in the course menu 

  4. Save your change 

Students will now have access to Library Resources in their course side navigation bar.