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How can I find a book in Robarts stacks?

Robarts stacks are currently closed to all users. Use the Curbside Delivery Service or the online HathiTrust collection.

If you have the call number of a book in the stacks at Robarts Library, but aren't sure where to find it, the Robarts Library stack guide will show you which floor your book is shelved on.  Look at the first letter(s) of the call number to see which floor it is on. 

catalogue record with call number and library information highlighted

For example, if your book is in Robarts stacks and the call number is JX4084 .B314 B35:

  1. Go to the 11th floor because the stack guide shows that all books with call numbers starting with J are found there
  2. Then look at the signs on the end of the shelf rows to find the JXs 
  3. Then find the JX4000s within that row
  4. Then find the JX4080s and continue on "reading" the call number from left to right
  5. By the time you find the JX4080 .Bs, you should be able to locate your book by reading titles of the books on the spines nearby
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