Is there an easy way for me to authenticate as a U of T user while I'm researching off-campus?

Yes! We can suggest several strategies.

Start at the library webpage

By signing in with your UTORid and password when you are using LibrarySearch, you are authenticated as a U of T user for the rest of your browser session.  This allows you access to U of T licensed e-content, such as articles, databases, or e-books.

Get LibKeyNomad

Install a browser extension called LibKey Nomad. It will link you to the PDF of articles owned by U of T or Open Access whether you start your search on the library's website or not.

Change your Google Scholar settings

Make sure Google Scholar knows you're a U of T user. Once you change your settings, you'll see "Get it! UTL" links next to articles in your search results.

Update your bookmarks

If you have an e-resource bookmarked, make sure that the URL has at the front of it. That will authenticate you as a U of T user and give you access to our online content.

Paste the prefix

If you're on a journal or ebook website, try pasting in front of the URL you're currently on.  You will be asked to log in with your UTORid.

caution icon This only works if the library actually subscribes to the journal.  You can search our catalogue for the journal title or ask us for help.

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