The Library encourages the donation of materials which will complement its own acquisitions. Over the years the generosity of donors has contributed significantly to the research collections.

Acceptance Guidelines

Gifts of books and periodicals are usually accepted by the Gifts Section, in consultation with the appropriate subject or language selector in the Collection Development Dept. The Library reserves the right to accept or refuse prospective donations. Among the criteria used to determine acceptability are:

  • Whether the prospective donations fall within the scope of the Library’s collection
  • Whether they would unnecessarily duplicate material already held
  • Their physical condition
  • The processing and maintenance costs
  • Restrictions, if any, which prospective donors wish to place on the disposition and use of the material offered

Donation Procedures

  • A list or bibliography may be requested of the donor, and only the material wanted for the collection will be accepted.
  • In special instances, a visit will be made to the collection
  • Transportation or shipment of the gifts accepted for the collection will be taken care of by the Gifts Section.
  • Once received, the material becomes the property of the University of Toronto. The Library has the right to dispose of duplicate or unwanted material in the most appropriate manner it sees fit. This may include: gifting the material to another library, offering the material on an international exchange, giving the material to one of the book sales of the University of Toronto Libraries, selling the material on the second hand market, usually BetterWorldBooks. Material that cannot be placed in any of these categories will be recycled.

Tax Receipts

Donations to the Libraries are considered charitable donations, and may be eligible for tax receipts subject to Canada Revenue Agency regulations. If requested to do so, the Library will have the gifts it retains valuated for income tax purposes. The valuation will reflect the fair market value of the items retained.  Tax receipts will not be issued for gifts that have a fair market value of less than $500.00. For gifts with a value of $1,000.00 or more, a Deed of Gift form will have to be completed and signed by the donor.

Only gifts donated before October 31 will be issued with tax receipts for that year.

Donor Recognition

The Library will identify gifts made to its collections by means of an appropriate book plate. A letter or email will also be sent to acknowledge receipt of the gift material.

Contact Information

Andrew Davidson

Head, Gifts Section

Collection Development Department

Robarts Library


(416) 978-3118