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Provides a full text articles published from 1,300+ research institutions in Korea and includes over one million research papers.
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Spanish Languages and Literatures
The University of Toronto offers a wide selection of courses on the literatures of Spain and Spanish America: medieval Spanish literature; early modern prose, verse and drama; the modern novel, short story, poetry, drama and film.
Chinese character
The Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library holds one of the largest Chinese studies collections in North America.
One of the largest in North America and has long been considered fully able to support advanced research in Near Eastern, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.
Established in 1979, the Korean collection at the University of Toronto’s East Asian Library is the largest and the oldest research collection for Korean studies in Canada.
Libraries’ Slavic and East European collection is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in Canada, and today numbers over 500,000 titles.