Data Management Plans

What is a DMP?

A DMP (Data Management Plan) is a formal plan that outlines how a researcher intends to manage research data during and after a research project.

Why do I need a DMP?

Many funders strongly encourage or require researchers to complete a DMP to help ensure the appropriate management of research data for reproducibility and reuse by others. A DMP is also a useful tool for project and resource planning.

DMP Guidance

Information on typical DMP questions are presented below with assisting guidance. Note that some funders may require a specific DMP template be used, always check first.

A DMP should address questions such as:

  • What types of data will be created
  • Policies (funding, legal and institution) that apply to the data
  • Who will own, have access to, and be responsible for managing the data
  • What equipment and methods will be used to capture, process and document the data
  • How the data will be organized and documented
  • Where the data will be stored during and after the research
  • How the data will be shared and under what provisions

Online Data Management Plan tools

There are free tools available to help draft a DMP. These tools have templates that reflect criteria to meet funding requirements, and can help design a plan that is relevant to data in your research domain:

Sample Data Management Plans

More information:

Writing a Data Management Plan: