Data Repositories

U of T Dataverse in Borealis

U of T Dataverse in Boreals is the University of Toronto’s institutional data repository. To learn more about U of T Dataverse go to the U of T Dataverse in Borealis page

Other data repositories

Multidisciplinary Repositories: Some examples include Zenodo  |  figshare  |  Dryad

Discipline-Specific Repositories: (Registry of Research Data Repositories). Use the search tool to find a repository for your discipline.

Data repository comparison

Below are guides for selecting a data repository:

  • This table lists cost and size limits for University of Toronto Dataverse and multidisciplinary data repositories
Repository Name Cost Size Limits

$120 for first 20 GB
$50 US for each additional 10 GB

None stated

• 20 GB (no cost)
• Other pricing options:

• 250 MB (for no cost option)
• Other pricing options allow increased file size limits:
U of T Dataverse No fees    3 GB per file, multiple files can be uploaded


• No fees
• Donations towards sustainability are encouraged
50 GB per dataset


  • General Repository Comparison (
    A tool for researchers to help select the best general repository for their data or other digital objects


More information: