Data Papers

What is a data paper?

  • It is a short description of a dataset, often including sections that detail the context, collection, and reuse potential
  • This differs from a traditional journal article, as a data paper does not form an argument or draw a conclusion about the interpretation of the data - it explains the methodology with the intent to increase visibility and use of the data
  • It provides a more thorough description than datasets contained in data repositories, and also allows credit to be given to data contributors in addition to researchers
  • Data papers can be peer-reviewed and are included in article search results, meaning your data may be discovered more easily and cited as an additional product of your research

Where can I find data papers?

Data papers are included in data journals (journals dedicated toward publishing data), or in traditional journals that accept data paper submissions alongside other types of articles. Data files may be included as supplementary information to the journal or may be deposited in a data repository and linked in the data paper.

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