East Asian Library (Cheng Yu Tung)

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130 St George St, 8th floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1A5

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April 28 - September 4

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About the library

400,000 volumes. Major collection on campus. Is also a major East Asian resource center in Canada. Includes East Asian studies resources in Chinese, Japanese and Korean scripts in book, microform, CD ROM and electronic format.

Chinese Gazetters
Mu Collection of Rare Chinese Materials

  1. "How to Find" information brochures
  2. Subject guides to LC classification for selected East Asian materials
  3. Chinese Electronic Resources brochures
  4. Guides to Korean Electronic Resources
  5. Wade-Giles and Pinyin conversion tables
  6. Guide to Korean Romanization System and Word Division
  7. New arrival issues
  8. Library information and newsletters

Resources on the Library's Homepage

  1. Catalogues of the rare book collection, microform newspapers, year books, serials and journals, and multimedia materials in the East Asian Library.
  2. Union catalogues of East Asian materials: RLIN Eureka on the Web, OCLC Worldcat and RLG REDLIGHTGREEN.
  3. Bibliography of Asian Studies
  4. Electronic databases, journals and books
  5. Internet links organized by subjects

Collection strengths

Complete retrospective and current Romanized records appear in the University of Toronto Library Catalogue. 99% of the collection is in Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN). Has access to RLIN Eureka on the Web and RLG Union Catalogue.

How to access

Rare books, latest issues of periodicals, loose-leaf volumes. Traditionally bound Chinese materials published in 1935 or before, and special limited editions.