Explore the Libraries with the ‘Around U of T Libraries in 30 Days Challenge’

U of T Libraries welcomes both new and returning students to participate in a fun 30-day challenge. Learn about what the Libraries offer by a completing nine (9) fun tasks for the opportunity to win one of three available $50 gift cards, along with U of T Libraries swag.  

Photo of three people sitting around a table, peering over a laptop smiling. A third and fourth student seated in the lower left and right corner, and one has their own laptop.

Image by: Matthew Dochstader / Paradox Images 

Around U of T Libraries in 30 Days runs until October 11, 2023. 

To do: 

  • Review the nine tasks in this form
  • Complete all nine tasks in the challenge and submit the form by October 11, 2023  

The challenges will include exploring U of T Libraries' getting started checklist, taking a personality quiz to determine what U of T Library you should study at, and much more to get you engaging with the different resources at the Libraries!