New Journals Added to the Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat

Two journal titles and 87 digitized journal issues have been added to the Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat (PSDS).

КРАСНЫЙ ЩЕДРИНЕЦ (RED FOLLOWER OF SHCHEDRIN) No. 1 (1986) – No. 10 (1990) was a journal edited by Boris Ivanov with humorous and satirical writings. Four issues of the journal have been added to PSDS and can be viewed at at

ЧАСЫ (THE CLOCK) No. 1 (1976) – No. 80 (1990), Leningrad, was initially edited by Boris Ivanov with the participation of Iuliia Voznesenskaia. The editorial group established for later issues included Igor’ Adamatskii, Viacheslav Dolinin, Arkadii Dragomoshchenko, Sergei Korovin, Boris Ostanin, Iurii Novikov, and Sergei Sheff. Issues featured sections for prose, poetry, literary criticism and translations, and they appeared regularly six times a year. 83 issues of the journal have been added to PSDS and can be viewed at

Digitized copies of these journals come from the Andrei Belyi Centre,, with thanks to Anastasia Lachine, and Sunny Lee, UTL ITS Digital Initiatives Programmer Analyst, for their work preparing the digital content for addition to the PSDS website. 

Initially launched in 2015, the Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat is edited by Ann Komaromi, Associate Professor, Centre for Comparative Literature. PSDS aims to make rare samizdat materials more widely available and to provoke questions about the trajectories of groups and individuals within the varied field of Soviet dissidence and nonconformist culture. The PSDS websites is supported by the Collections U of T service at UTL's Information Technology Services department. All journal issues are made available through the Collections U of T IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) technology.

КРАСНЫЙ ЩЕДРИНЕЦ (RED FOLLOWER OF SHCHEDRIN) No. 3 can be viewed below. Visit to view all other journals on the PSDS website.