Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy: Library Support Available

April 1, 2021

The Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR) was released on March 15th. 

University of Toronto Libraries (UTL) has been preparing for this policy release for many years and provides research data management (RDM) services to support faculty, staff and students.  

The following provides some context and resources to assist faculty and researchers in preparing to meet future requirements around data management planning, data deposit and data sharing. 

What this policy means for researchers right now 

This policy will be implemented incrementally. Time will be given for researchers and institutions to prepare to meet requirements. In the future, research funded through the Tri-Agencies will be asked to comply with the new requirements. 

UTL RDM services and resources 

UTL offers support for researchers in preparing data management plans (DMPs), ensuring long-term preservation of data, and selecting a data repository in which to deposit and share data.   

Some resources available through UTL to help with research data management needs include: 

  • Support for RDM, data questions and consultations are available. Check the RDM website or contact

  • Workshops and in-class instruction sessions are available covering a range of topics including an introduction to research data management, using U of T Dataverse, an introduction to GIT version control, finding microdata, finding Canadian statistics, data visualization, sharing your research data, and using data software and tools such as NVivo, SPSS, R, Python, OpenRefine, ArcGIS, Excel, QGIS, Stata, etc. 

Further information and support 

Please contact