Borrow music recordings from our Music Library’s collection or stream music online from collections like Naxos Music Library and Smithsonian Global Sound.

Search the library catalogue for recordings by title, artist, or genre.


Borrow videos in several formats from our film collections or stream video online with one of our online video resources, including:


Our online guide to Images and Visual Resource Collections directs you to our major image collections, which allows faculty members to create course collections and share images with students.

Media storage

My.Media allows faculty and staff to archive, preserve, and share academic content like lectures captured with Camtasia Relay.

The Media Commons Archives vault is a temperature and relative humidity controlled space where we store some of our more fragile documents (mostly film). We store vulnerable archival documents like still and moving image film in colder temperatures to ensure their continuing preservation. 


Borrow scores from our Music Library’s collection or browse the Classical Scores Library.

Search the library catalogue for scores by title, artist, or genre, or search the Music Library’s sheet music database.