Course reserves

Physical course reserves are now located at the 1st floor Robarts loans desk.

What are course reserves?

Instructors can make course readings available online through Quercus, the University's online learning management system. In addition, instructor can set aside – i.e., 'reserve' – physical items such as books and DVDs in the Course Reserves/Short Term Loan sections of various libraries at U of T for borrowing. '

Course reserves are available for short periods of time e.g, 3 hours, 1 day, 3 days, etc.; cannot be renewed, and are subject to fines of 50 cents per hour.

How do I access online course reserves?

Your instructor can make your assigned online course materials available through the Library Reading List module on your Quercus course page.

These materials can include articles, books, web links, and media resources.

If your instructor is using the Library Reading List module: 

  • Look for the LIBRARY READING LIST app in your Quercus course navigation
  • The courses 1) in which you are enrolled, and 2) which have Library Reading Lists, will be listed
  • To launch a course reading list, select the the specific course you want

Having trouble finding or accessing your online course readings in Quercus?  See this help page.

Where are physical course reserves located?

Physical course reserves at Robarts Library are located at the 1st floor Robarts loans desk.

For course reserves at other UTL libraries, check individual libraries' website.

–Updated May 27, 2022