Course Reserves

Your course readings will either be in Portal or in person at a library if your instructor has made them available. Check your syllabus for information about where the readings can be found.

Course reserves at a library

Course readings in Portal

Your readings may be available in the Library Course Reserves module available on Blackboard. This is a single list of your assigned course materials that makes it easy to access articles, books, web links, and media resources in one place.

To access your readings in Portal:

  • Login to
  • Look for the Library Course Reserves module on your ‘My Page’
  • Select the ‘Launch Course Reserves’ link
  • The courses you are enrolled in will be listed. Select the class you are interested in to launch your course reading list.

portal screenshot

Don’t see any readings listed here? Check your syllabus or speak with your professor to see where assigned course readings are located. They may be available on your course page in Blackboard or in Course Reserves area in the library.

Having trouble finding or accessing your online course readings? Visit this help page for more information. 

Course readings at a library

Your instructor can set aside physical copies of your course readings and other items in the course reserves or short term loan sections of a library on campus.

Your instructor will set the length of time you can borrow the items for.  These can vary from 1 hour to 7 days.  Often, course reserves items cannot leave the library.

Bring your course reserves item back to the desk you borrowed it from.  Make sure you bring it back on time because fines for course reserves items are higher than for regular books: $.50 per hour overdue.

  • Go to Course Reserves look up tool

  • Search by your instructor’s name, your course code, or course name
  • When you find the items(s) for your course, make a note of:
    • Which library the item is in
    • The call number of the item (e.g. RA441. B38 2009)
    • How long it circulates for (e.g. 3 hours, overnight, a week)
  • Bring the call number to the course reserves or short term loan area in the library it is held at to find it on the shelf

For questions, ask at the course reserves or short term loan desk in your favourite library.


Make course readings available to your students through our Course Reserves and Syllabus Service.