Request items from other campuses (ICD)

You can request delivery of an item from another U of T campus (Intercampus Delivery) using the request link. The service cannot be used to move books between libraries located on the St. George campus.

To request an item from another campus:

  • Search the catalogue
  • Click on the options button screen shot of options button to request an item.
  • Click on request
  • Follow the instructions
  • Choose your pick up location

snapshot of catalogue record showing request link

Items are usually delivered within 5 days.

Please note that the item is checked out to your account before it is sent. If you no longer want the item, please reply to your email pick-up notice.

Visiting faculty and graduate students with 'Direct Borrower' status are not eligible for Intercampus Delivery (except for material held at UTL Downsview).

For members of the Health Science Information Consortium of Toronto, please see the Consortium hospitals page.