Booking Media Production Services

Book an Event / Service

By telephone or email:

Frank Scornaienchi, Supervisor
T: 416-978-6532

University of Toronto Information Commons
Robarts Library, 1st floor
130 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3H1

Download and complete a work request form (see required booking information below) and email to Frank Scornaienchi at least one week in advance of your event/service.

Last minute bookings can be arranged but staff availability cannot be guaranteed without prior notice.

For rates, please contact Frank Scornaienchi for a quote.

Required Booking Information

To book our services or request a quote, contact us and with the following information.

  1. Time/date and duration of the event.
  2. Location/room (Please book rooms with 30 minutes – 1 hour of setup and teardown time)
  3. Requested services (event videography / live webcast/ audio support / high-end video project)
  4. Type of recording (eg. lecture, conference, panel discussion, interview, demonstration)
  5. Will there be a PowerPoint presentation?
  6. Details about audio requirements:
    1. How many speakers appear on camera?
    2. Will they be speaking from one microphone (e.g. podium) or from a wireless lapel microphone?
    3. Will there be multiple subjects speaking at the same time? (e.g. a panel or interview)
    4. Will you need a microphone in the audience for Q&A?


  • We do not provide classroom AV support. Contact Academic and Campus Events for classroom needs (projectors, speaker systems, laptops, etc.).
  • No bookings are final until formal confirmation e-mail has been received.
  • We provide hardware for recording production only. We do not provide amplifiers or projectors.
  • We may apply a cancellation fee at our discretion if a cancellation is not communicated or is sent without 24 hours notice.


If you are a University of Toronto staff or faculty and have an FIS Account, we use uSource to bill for our services. Please be sure to provide the business officers information along with the purchasing group and FIS #’s that we should bill through.

If you currently do not have access through uSource you can contact Procurement Services at