Computer Support - OneStop Support Service

Requesting Service

Service for CAF, Lab, and Staff issues can be requested via our OneStop Support Service e-mail or phone numbers.


Monday - Friday
8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

T: 416-978-0429

Requests will be handled by one of the Tier 1 support contacts and, as necessary, escalated to the Tier 2 support contact or Supervisor.

Requests will be issued a tracking number and you will be kept informed of the Request status (technician assignment and resolution progress) by e-mail.

Urgent requests should be directed to the OneStop phone number. If the On-Call technicians are occupied and can't be reached, please feel free to escalate your request directly to the Tier 2's or the Supervisor.


On-call duties are assigned on a rotating schedule. This allows all support staff to remain familiar with all our clients and sites. When not on-call, our technicians will be working on projects and completing previously assigned Service Requests.