Microsoft Select License Plus Agreement

Microsoft products not covered by Microsoft 365 will continue to be distributed by the Licensed Software Office on a cost recovery basis.

Product Information

  • License Type: Perpetual
  • Cost: Visit uSOURCE or for pricing and available products.
  • Restrictions: For U of T departments, faculty, and staff on University of Toronto owned/leased workstations.


The Microsoft Select Plus License Agreement allows the LSO to distribute a number of Microsoft software products at a substantial discount for University of Toronto departments, faculty, and staff on University of Toronto owned workstations. To obtain Microsoft products for personal use, you must purchase them from the U of T Computer Shop.

Microsoft licenses its products on a per-workstation basis. A license must be purchased for each workstation that the software will be installed on.

The Select Plus agreement also allows "Downgrade Rights". This means that you purchase the license for the latest version of the product but can install and use a prior version. The agreement does not allow for upgrade of products at discounted prices. If you wish to install a newer version of a currently owned product, a new license must be purchased.

Please visit the Microsoft Licensing website for detailed licensing information on all of their products.

Vendor and Support:

Note: The U of T Microsoft Select Plus License Agreement does NOT include support from Microsoft or upgrades. Microsoft offers extensive support on their website at

The Information Commons Help Services may assist those having difficulty installing the software. Unfortunately, Help Services does not have the resources to answer questions about how to use the software. The University of Toronto Libraries have online e-resources and e-books (manuals) for most popular software.