Library services and resources for graduate students

Welcome to the University of Toronto Libraries. We are here to ensure your graduate experience is an academic, professional, and personal success.


Help with research strategy

Manage and organize your research

Research tools

Professional development

Get your research noticed

Present, publish and promote your work

Become your students' favourite TA/Instructor

Mental health & wellness

Graduate studies can be stressful, remember that there are services available that can support you:   

  • Connect with Navi, a virtual mental health resource wayfinder offered by U of T
  • Visit a Reflection Room with quiet space available for meditation, yoga, and prayer 
  • Try out a light therapy lamp while reading, working or relaxing, to brighten your day
  • Register for the Family Study Space, if you are a caregiver for children and looking for a space where you can study (and the kids can play!)  

From UTSC or UTM?

Check out these campus-specific guides for UTSC and UTM graduate students.