Libraries and Departments

Our collection supports the Cinema Studies Institute, the Writing & Rhetoric Program, the Innis One Program and the Urban Studies Program.

2 Sussex Avenue, 2nd Floor (East Wing)
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1J5

Photo of Knox College Library (Caven)
This collection focuses on Presbyterianism, Christian theology and religion, as well as psychotherapy and spiritual care.

59 St George St.
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2E6

Photo of Massey College Library
This research collection focuses on the history of the book, with a particular strength in nineteenth century book design and printing.

4 Devonshire Place
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2E1

Photo of New College Library
This collection reflects the College’s programs in Women’s Studies, Caribbean Studies, and African Studies.

20 Willcocks Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1

Photo of Regis Library
The Regis College Library collection focuses on theology and theology-related material.

100 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2Z5

Colour photo of the entrance of the St. Michael's College Library showing sculpture infront of entrance and Pride flag handing over entrance.
The John M. Kelly Library is the largest federated college library at the University of Toronto.

113 St Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1J4

exterior of graham library
The Trinity College Library’s collection emphasizes undergraduate humanities, international relations, and Anglican theology.

6 Hoskin Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1H8

Photo of the University College library featuring spiral staircase, stained glass window, bookstacks, and large tba
UC Library has about 35,000 items in the humanities and social sciences, including many books related to the college's academic programs.

15 King's College Circle, room 266 / 366 (2nd floor of University College, on the south side of the building)

Toronto, Ontario M5S 3H7

Photo of Victoria University - Emmanuel College Library
The Emmanuel College Library’s collection focuses on theology and religion.

75 Queen's Park Cres E, 3rd Floor Toronto, Ontario M5S 1K7